Significant Punjabi Names

The Punjabi people have a very nice personality, with usually tall height and well-built body. They look very unique and outstanding in any of the crowds. Apart from this, there names are also very significant. The names like Lakhvinder, Ranjit, Sabjeet, Sabnidhan, Padmalaya, Palbinder, Paramdeep, Paramleen, etc. are very common. To find some more Punjabi names please visit here



Expected 2017 Punjabi Baby Names

The year 2017 has just started. Many Punjabi people must be really planning for their festivals and rituals. However, some may also expect new baby in home. So, it is necessary that they should plan for their names. Some names are Sachjog, Sachkeerat, Sachsevak, Sachsook, Ramjeet, Ramneek, Rangpreet, Rangseetal, etc. Find more Punjabi baby names for 2017 here


Common Punjabi Baby Names

The Punjabi local dishes like paratha, lassi, samosa, etc. are some of the delicious dishes. These dishes are well-known in many parts of the world.  These dishes have become common in many of the hotels. There are some of the common Punjabi names too, which have became common like Rachanbir, Racahanjot, Palbinder, Paramgeet, etc.Find some of the more punjabi baby names here


Expected Punjabi Names for 2017

This year many of the Punjabi  people may be expecting a child in their home. This great enthusiasm will surely be planned with all the preparation for the new born baby. However, the most important preparation initially will naming a baby. There wide range of names in Punjabi. T name a few Hakamjeet, Harbans, Hanit, Harkiran, Ikpreet, Indardeep, Ikleen, Rashmit, etc. To know more Punjabi names, please visit here